What is the endorsement feature on Tutorship?

The endorsement feature on our website enables tutors to acknowledge professional relationships and to add a personal note about those who in their opinion, have gone the “extra mile” to teach their students.


Why is it important to have endorsements?

It is one thing to have many happy parents and students, but it is another to have the endorsements of others in the same profession.

A tutor might have the qualifications and be teaching many students, however that is not necessarily a sign that he or she is a quality tutor.

Therefore it is important for a tutor to be acknowledged by others in the same profession who knows what makes a good tutor.


Why endorse other music tutors?

Endorsing another tutor is the “word of mouth” in helping prospective parents and students to find their ideal music tutors. When it comes to choosing a music tutor, most parents and students don’t know where to start even when given a list of tutors. Being able to access the opinion of tutors in the same profession can really help to point them in the right direction.

When you endorse your colleagues, you can validate them as a tutor and in turn, your endorsement shows your credibility as a tutor.

Some examples of when endorsements are useful:
When you are unable to take a new student, you are often asked to recommend another tutor. What is a more convenient than pointing them straight to Tutorship so they are able to see the tutors you have endorsed?

Often tutors are required to bring in substitute tutors (in case of illness etc), so the ability to show details of your substitute tutor to your current parents and students can give them the peace of mind that they are being looked after.

You might know tutors in different locations or who teach different instruments who you think are great tutors. By endorsing them, it can serve as a convenient way to refer a student to another tutor. No need to browse through your phone for contact details. You can point them directly to our website or you can simply email the link of a particular tutor’s profile whom you want to recommend.


How do I endorse?

1. Sign in
2. Search for the music tutors that you would like to endorse (you can enter the tutor’s name directly by clicking on the search icon on the top right hand side of the site).
3. Once you’ve found the tutor’s profile, scroll down to the bottom of the profile and you’ll find the section that says “Leave a Review”.
4. You can endorse the tutor by clicking on the number of stars you wish to give and enter a comment in the comment box as well if you wish.
5. Click on “Submit Your Review” and you’re done.


Can I moderate the endorsements given to me?

Yes. You can simply sign in, hover over your profile picture or username on the top right hand corner and a menu will appear. Click on “Moderate Reviews”.